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Data safety


        Datenschutzerklärung (Download copy in German)


Data safety declaration

The employees of EME AG respect your privacy and accept that all personal data, provided on the internet, will be treated with confidentiality.

The concept "personal data"  applies to all data, which allow definite identification of an individual person. That includes amongst other things, first- and surnames, addresses and other postal information as well as private or commercially used e-mail-adresses and other contact informaitons. The websites of EME AG can be contacted without information about the person and the exchange of private data in general.

Cookies and other journalise process

On a few of our websites we or our provider use "Cookies" and other logging protocols. A "Cookie" is a small file which captures information required for use of a website, among other things. Cookies and other process allow indicated personal data of an internet user to be recalled again at a later date. Web browser command features, with which the acceptance of a cookie can be selectively activated or deactivated and existing cookies can be deleted. 

Through logging protocols we can gather data, such as names of internet domains and internet-hosts, IP-addresses, type of browser software and system software used, clickstream-sample as well as date and time of access on our website. Furthermore, we can upgrade our website and create more attractive internet offers for you. Furthermore, we use non-personal data for issue of trend analyses and statistics.

For the protect of your data we have established the following principles:

   EME AG uses the personal Information which you impart us only in line with the customer relationship between you and EME AG.
   We want assure the data safety of unauthorized access and of publication by adequate and appropriate actions, everywhere, where at EME AG or in our mission personal data were stored.
   To shop in the eCatalog, you will be asked to enter a password. Please take notice that it is your duty to take care, that this password is protected of unauthorized access.
   Certain offered benefits of EME AG were adduced by order of third. Collected personal or other data can be handed out to extern suppliers. with which we work together in the supply of products, Information and services.
EME AG assure by adequate actions, that extern suppliers commit to the protection of personal data for the support of the webside.
EME AG doesn't aim for transfer personal data without your agreement to third, who are not acting by order of EME AG by adequate agreements.
   Especially the sell or the transfer in the internet of collected personal data is against the directives of EME AG.


If you have any questions or comments about our directives for data safety in the internet, please contact us at

By using our webside you agree with the terms of our directives for the data safety and you allow EME AG to process personal data fot the mentioned purposes.


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